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Nose Breathing and Running

July 31, 2014

I use to breathe through nose during my morning runs till I got involved into timed distance running. Recently I read a book titled ‘The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath’ by Yogi Ramacharaka in which a lot of stress was being given on breathing through nose. So I thought of getting back to my old way of breathing. But this time I was conscious about my breathing even when I was not running and that ensured I am breathing through nose most of the times.

I started this experiment with a 2 hr road run in hot and humid weather of Delhi on 31st June in which I managed 21.66 km and felt strong till the end. I pulled out couple of other runs in July, longest of which was a 28 km (27.45 km according my GPS) trail run for which I took around 2 hr 40 minutes. Weather throughout the month was quite challenging but still I managed 100+ km. I loved the new breathing technique so much that I have never eschewed it during entire month and even used it for a high intensity step up workout.

Although it slowed me a little bit (15-20 s/km) but I think that it has helped me to run longer without fatigue. Rather I feel energized even after long runs. I have started breathing deeper. Nasal track become so clear after the run and breathing become so effortless. I have become so use to this feeling that I start feeling obstructions in the breathing system if I skip workouts for two consecutive days. Another advantage of this experiment is that I have started snoring less (wife’s feedback)

I wonder if it is my over enthusiasm about this experiment that me making me feel good or is it all real. I would like to hear from other fellow runners.