Nose Breathing and Running

I use to breathe through nose during my morning runs till I got involved into timed distance running. Recently I read a book titled ‘The Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath’ by Yogi Ramacharaka in which a lot of stress was being given on breathing through nose. So I thought of getting back to my old way of breathing. But this time I was conscious about my breathing even when I was not running and that ensured I am breathing through nose most of the times.

I started this experiment with a 2 hr road run in hot and humid weather of Delhi on 31st June in which I managed 21.66 km and felt strong till the end. I pulled out couple of other runs in July, longest of which was a 28 km (27.45 km according my GPS) trail run for which I took around 2 hr 40 minutes. Weather throughout the month was quite challenging but still I managed 100+ km. I loved the new breathing technique so much that I have never eschewed it during entire month and even used it for a high intensity step up workout.

Although it slowed me a little bit (15-20 s/km) but I think that it has helped me to run longer without fatigue. Rather I feel energized even after long runs. I have started breathing deeper. Nasal track become so clear after the run and breathing become so effortless. I have become so use to this feeling that I start feeling obstructions in the breathing system if I skip workouts for two consecutive days. Another advantage of this experiment is that I have started snoring less (wife’s feedback)

I wonder if it is my over enthusiasm about this experiment that me making me feel good or is it all real. I would like to hear from other fellow runners.


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2 Responses to “Nose Breathing and Running”

  1. Ashish Punia Says:

    It definitely increased the required effort Vikram and was more taxing for me. But at the same time, it was helpful for confidence building for high altitude races. It may be only psychological coz we have no study to prove it, but laymen logic suggest that it was a good mimic for altitude running by inhaling lesser oxygen per breath.

  2. vikrambhambhu Says:

    Ashish, got some nice feedback from facebook regarding ths type of breathing. ‘Bohr effect’ is one possible explanation suggested. Another interesting read is :

    By the way I am reading ‘Eat and Run’ nowadays but haven’ t reached the section where author talks about breathing.

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