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Relax and Rejuvenate !

June 18, 2015

I have seen many amateur runners participating in races almost every month and there are few who are training continuously throughout the year. Races are fun and so is training but at the same time one has to ensure that he/she is re-learning certain things in a new and better way, engaging different muscle groups by taking up different activities and also giving some time for body to relax and regain the strength. A typical marathon training schedule has duration of 16 weeks/ 4 months but considering that a runner is participating in multiple races we can consider 6 months of training. We are still left with another 6 months in an year. As is the case with me, I am sure other run addicts cannot survive without their regular doses of adrenaline rush. This blog is all about what to during non-training months.

Long distance runner are so much hooked onto running that they often neglect strength and flexibility. The slack period of the year is a good time to concentrate on these activities. We can devote more time on strengthening exercises and flexibility- compete with fellow runners on holding position like planks, glute bridge etc for a longer duration and challenge each other for greater range of motion. Even when you run, concentrate on technical details like how hard or softly your foot is landing, how straight your torso and neck are, how many times in a minute your foot is hitting ground(or what is you cadence?) and how synchronized your breathing is with your steps. The metronome application on smart phones can be used for increasing the cadence. Cadence has a major role to play in improving running form. As endurance athletes are prone to overuse injury so its always advisable to engage in activities that use different muscle group. Cycling, swimming, tennis, squash, kick boxing are good options.

This period is also a good time to have fun and enjoying holidays. Eat, sleep, drink, gain a bit of weight so that you can target reducing it during training period. Prepare yourself for a serious training schedule ahead.

Your body is the most wonderful equipment that you’ll ever own, take care of it and use it in the best possible way you can.