Ambulation on F1

This is not about running or races but these are just the ruminations of a runner who feels a bit stifled in this crazy metro lifestyle. I will be rambling across cobwebs in my mind trying to find a vent for my stale emotions that emerges while I participate in any racing event.

A lot has changed in the past one year. Life has been on a fast track and my morning ritual of 5k run has now curtailed to few repetitions of Surya Namaskar or mountain climbers. The only solace I receive is on weekends when I go for a bit longer runs. With such a schedule, it is difficult to prepare for any race as I believe that racing is a serious stuff. Its about a commitment to oneself that I am gone beat ‘the previous me’. Anyhow, I wanted to finish this year with a nice run and thus I registered for a 10k that was being organized on F1 track in December. I was trying to find my tempo and diwali holidays were the best time to do that. I had some nice runs during that time in my hometown. Life got busy again as soon as holiday got over. In order to do a bit more in lesser time I skipped warm up in one of my weekday runs which resulted in calf muscle injury. Life is something that happens when you are busy planning. I was not able to walk properly without pain and running was now out of question. I tried running after a week rest but I had stop after 3km due to pain. I decided to take complete rest and leave everything else to the d-day. A sane decision would have been to skip the F1 run but passion and sanity seldom go hand in hand.

I reached venue with doubts about running the whole distance. “Will I be able to finish or may be I will stop in between if pain becomes unbearable” these thoughts were meandering my minds just before the race. A 50 minute 10k was on wish list. The race started. I decided to run freely. Immediately after the start there was an incline. I decided to test my injured calf by going faster on the elevation. Surprisingly it not giving me any trouble. I decided to go even faster while coming down and then I realized that it is not going well. I had to hold myself and slow down at each point where there was a downward slope. I kept on treading at a constant comfortable pace without worrying much for picking up pace and finished the run. Its a different issue that I kept on limping for next two days and was not able to walk properly. May it was the race day magic that helped me to cross the finish line.

Later when I checked my splits I found that I ran initial 1.1 km at a pace of 3:40/km which has given me hope that I will be able to better my PB once I recover. I wish this hope keeps me on my toes 🙂





6 Responses to “Ambulation on F1”

  1. Aman Says:

    I saw you running that day, you were like a rocket… I am sure all events do miss you as much as you miss them… And i loved the line sanity and passion seldom go hand in hand… Good luck

  2. Amarpreet Says:

    Awesome words vikypedia. One should learn from you how choose your battles wisely. Keep running and motivating.

    • vikrambhambhu Says:

      Paaji I don’t think it was a wise decision, though it went well and I am thankful to god for that. Besides that good wishes from my run buddies always makes me perform better undoubtedly

  3. Neha Says:

    Keep up the good running !

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