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Crash Boom Bang

April 11, 2013

After finishing Mawana half marathon in less than 100 minutes, I had a discussion with my running buddy- Sandeep Srivastava and he suggested me to focus on training and later go for a under 90 minutes half or for a 3:45 full marathon. So I decided to concentrate on training without paying much attention to the events being organized all around.

March had a perfect weather for running – neither too hot nor too cold and I logged more than 90 miles with an average pace of less than 9 miles per hour and a climb of more than 4000 ft. It was also a month when I could hear news about running events being organized all around. To resist participating in running events and concentrating on training is like saying no to your favorite food when hunger pangs are troubling you the most. Few of my other running buddies participated in a HM which I shunned with a heavy heart in order to concentrate on training. And then another event popped up – a night marathon to be organized in Gurgaon. I knew that I was not prepared enough to achieve my HM/FM targets. I saw that there was a 10k run in that event. I decided to take a break from long runs and go for a shorter faster midnight run. I took it as a training run and testing my body for faster runs in major events.

A week before the run I started concentrating more on stretching and went for short runs of 3-5 km. On 6th April which was the race day- I did 3 km in the morning along with good stretching. I finished my office came back home a bit early, had a short power nap of around 30 minutes and got ready for my first timed 10k. I made sure that I keep myself hydrated throughout the day and kept on having water at regular intervals.

When I reached near holding area, there were very few persons. I collected my bib and started observing fellow runners. Some were stretching while some were busy sipping energy gels or getting themselves clicked. Some of them were pestered by their children with all sort of demands. There was some delay in the start and the race started at 10:00pm instead of 9:30pm which was the scheduled time for start.

With all the training that I had done and through my previous running experience I was confident that I can run 10K with a decent speed so I decided to shun the timing device and follow my instincts by trying to run as fast as possible. I got a lead right in the beginning under the street light and then I entered a darker patch where nothing was visible which slowed me a bit. Certain things that were mentioned on the event website were present while others were missing. The race supposed to be on a moon lit night on traffic free gurgaon roads but moon was conspicuous by its absence and thank god there was traffic. Head-light of moving vehicles showed the way to runners on the otherwise darker roads. At around 2 km mark I met Rahul Verghese: Man who has played a catalytic role in popularizing long distance running in India especially NCR region. Never though that I’ll meet him first time on a run in this manner. I slowed down a bit, greeted him and had some chat with him. There were some runners who overtook me during this time. I bade good bye to Rahul and picked up the pace again. I overtook the runners shortly except for one white fellow who if I am not wrong was Shaun Mills. Running in evening was difficult in comparison to running in morning. I could feel some pain in my stomach but that eased out as the race progressed. There were water stations at regular intervals but I generally do not hydrate while running and thus did not took advantage of any of them. At around 5 km mark Arun Kumar (he was winner of 10K run) overtook me asking if there is anyone else ahead of me. At around 6 km there was a u-turn. At the u-turn I looked back and was not able to see anyone which meant that I was much ahead of other fellows. Neither I was able to see Arun. That is one disadvantage of night running- you are not able to see runner moving ahead of you, hook on to them to pick up your pace. So I kept running without trying to change my pace. Time passed by and I reached finish line where my wife hugged me and told me that I was second. I congratulated Arun who took just 37 minutes to finish 10k. I sat down and did a bit of stretching- gulped two three bottles of water, had some bananas. The organizers calculated my time and my wife told me that its 42 minutes.

Just like my first half and full marathon – a 10k become a memorable, unlogged run where I kept guessing my finish time at the finish line. I am still waiting for the timing certificate to make me believe – ‘Yesssss! I did it’.